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2017-Jan-13, Friday 19:27
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Have I talked about this before? Feels like I might have, but don't see anything in the past few months. I use earbuds a lot, to play music at home, or of course out and about. I've gone through a lot too, as they kept failing in one ear or the other, especially after being carried in my pocket for a while.

I remembered Panasonic as being a solid brand for electronics, looked up online and saw that they do make earphones -- though none sold in local stores -- and ordered three, figuring even Panasonic couldn't prevent thin wires from breaking. $10 each, supposedly good performance, certainly fine by me.

Aaaand I may have outsmarted myself, I'm still on the first set. Granted I was protecting it more, putting it in a ziploc bag before pocketing it, largely to reduce tanglement but presumably also reducing friction. But I lost the bag at some point, and it's still working.

I actually have five sets. One I'd bought earlier, the three Panasonics, and one we found on the floor of Grendel's one night and no one claimed. I also had 3 $1 sets I got from Dollar Tree, but they smelled so strongly once I opened the packets that I got paranoid about touching ultra-cheap Chinese products, and I think I threw them out.

Technically all the ones I have are in-ear, so they stay in better and there's more noise isolation, especially from the Panasonics.

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