2018-Dec-16, Sunday

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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: Is there a fictional world that feels like your home away from home? What is it and why does it appeal so much to you?

My answer:

Strictly speaking, no, that is not a thought I have.

More loosely speaking, Nanoha. It has the most fanfic I have actually written down, not just cycled in my head, and I think the most characters whose POVs I've thought about, and my own OCs. Although these days I've been reading more elsewhere, especially Valinor and Silmarillion fics, Nanoha is like a mental home space for composition.

Why? I like the characters: their good will, determination, prettiness, and yuri subtext. I like the optimistic magical Starfleet full of second chances and adoption, struggling to survive in a post-post-apocalyptic universe. I like the second communication channel of mental telepathy (Madoka has this too, and some brave Macross Frontier fics) and the games you can play with that. I like that I can justify some of the characters being immortal. I like how the various artificial beings raise various issues of ethics and identity, like some SF, only with a more engaging milieu and set of characters than most transhumanist SF.

And on the reading side of things, it's had quite a bit of good (re-readable) fic: funny gen fic, interesting worldbuilding gen fic, hot (to me) smut fic. Though not enough of the stuff I most want. The one (gen) which I know has amused multiple people who knew nothing of the franchise is Ready, Sette, Go.
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A DW friend got nostalgic about Smallville and its "Save Me" theme. I looked it up on Youtube and it's a total blank. I watched this show for at least a couple seasons!

Gilmore Girls, which also got at least a year if not 2 or 3, was mostly blank, though I recognize some lines (and visuals).

Dawson's Creek and Roswell did just fine. Granted I may have seen most of DC... don't recall if I followed it all the way through. I did Roswell but there wasn't as much of it.

I didn't try Charmed or Felicity which I didn't see much of, or the bizarre "Zoe" shows (or seasons?), which don't even rate a mention in the network Wikipedia article.

(The WB)

(Of course I remember Buffy and Angel, those were *important*. And rewatched. And I have fanvids of the openings.)

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