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DST over now, right. So I thought to look at the sun times:

Actual Time 6:19 AM EST 4:36 PM EST

Aaaagh sunset at 4:30??? Why does this keep surprising me? I remember being shocked at 4pm times last winter, before I fled south.

Then it occurred to me that that implied a 9 hour day, which seemed pretty short. So I look at sunrise. Huh: it's 5.5 hours to noon, but only 4.5 hours after that. And to confirm:

Length of Day 10h 17m

So solar zenith comes early to Boston, around 11:30, in fact. Or 11:28, even.

Combined with my discovery a couple years ago that Chile cheats on its time zone, with summer zenith at 1:45pm (or so I thought; this says only 1:29) no wonder my trips south seem weird. Not just much longer (and warmer) days but zenith shifts forward by two full hours, with Boston revealed to be early.

Oh wait, I wasn't wrong: skipping forward on that site, La Serena's zenith in late December will be 1:47 (not sure why it shifts like that). Boston has the same advancement though (duh?), so it's still a two hour difference.

I have an anti-DST bias that noon should equal zenith, but if zenith is going to be at :30, then it might as well be at 12:30 rather than 11:30...

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