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Long article from EPI arguing that medical cost sharing is a terrible idea, just as you'd think. Also, I learned that EPI is a labor-affiliated think tank. Cool!

PDF of California's 2017 tiers. Look how high the out of pocket maximums are, or the deductibles in some cases.

Reader reminder: the US has 3 different "single-payer" systems (maybe four with the Indian health service.) VA, operating like the NHS. Medicare, for seniors, operating like traditional insurance with deductible and co-insurance[1]. Medicaid, for poor people, operating like a magic "we take care of you" ticket -- the user experience is much like the NHS, where you go in and get treated and walk out again, no billing. (Unless you need drugs, at like $4/month.)

[1] My mother had Medigap, which pays what Medicare doesn't, so her treatment turned into an avalanche of bills telling us what we didn't have to pay. Sort of Medicaid/NHS + lots of paper experience.
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