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2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 23:00
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Do you have any cryptid legends local to your area? Do you believe in it or do you think it's all just people telling stories?

Feel free to answer in the comments or paste the code below into your own journal to answer the question.

: Friending Meme :

2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 21:32
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The picture is a link however you can click HERE as well

if this is not kosher, let me know and I'll remove it! <3

Reading Wednesday has new glasses

2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 17:53
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Recently read:

So Far So Good: Final Poems 2014-2018, by Ursula Le Guin. As the subtitle says, this is Le Guin's last book of poetry, finished just before she died; death was definitely on her mind here, especially in the last section. It's good, but either not as good as other poetry that I've read (none of it in the last couple of years), or -- likely -- death just isn't what I want to read about right now.

(The new glasses are drugstore reading glasses, while I wait for my eyes to finish healing post-surgery and can get a new eyeglass prescription. For most purposes, my uncorrected vision is now better than my corrected vision a year ago, but for reading and other close work I need glasses, and will be glad when I can get prescription glasses that correct for the astigmatism.)

h-hewwo? fweinds?

2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 16:40
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Name: Jamie
Location: US
Subscription/Access Policy: All of my posts are locked, but I add pretty much anyone who asks, unless you're like... a spambot lmao.

Main Fandoms: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY seriously this show has all my uwus and if people talk about it with me I get so excited happy !!
Other Fandoms: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Marvel/MCU, The Haunting of Hill House, American Horror Story (not so much Apocalypse or Hotel but all other seasons esp 1, 2, 3, and 7), pretty much any horror film (horror has been my obsession since I was little), Stranger Things, It 2017 (and the book), MTV Scream, Riverdale (a little bit).
Fannish Interests: I'm a writer, mostly, but due to extenuating circumstances I haven't been able to write much in awhile. I've recently started reading fanfiction again, too.
OTPs and Ships: just some random things I ship in no particular order - Klaus/Dave, Klaus/Ben, Hazel/Agnes, Five/Delores (lol), Vanya/girls, Violet/Quigley, Klaus/Duncan, Steve/Bucky, Carol/Maria, Scott/Hope, Tony/Bruce, Thor/Starlord, Venom/Eddie, Peter/MJ, Mike/Will, Mike/Eleven, Bill/Eddie, Bill/Richie, Ben/Beverly, Archie/Betty, Archie/Jughead, Archie/Reggie, Betty/Veronica, Cheryl/Toni. (My taste in ships is really weird ig.)

Favourite Movies: Any Marvel film (notably Winter Soldier, Infinity War, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel), any horror film (my all-time favourite is John Carpenter's Halloween
TV Shows: The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Shutter, MTV Scream, Rick and Morty, Always Sunny, and I watch jdramas rarely.
Books: Anything by Chuck Pahlahniuk, The Ruins, Shutter Island, a lot of Stephen King stuff.
Music: I like a ton of really random music, but my two favourite artists are The 1975 and Mindless Self Indulgence.
Games: Not really a games person but I like Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon.
Comics/Anime/Misc: I read Marvel comics sometimes, and The Umbrella Academy.

Other Info: I'm male, if that matters. In my journal I sometimes talk about things like mental health, just a warning. I also can post kind of sporadically since I'm other sites a lot - but if you want to, we could add each other in twitter, plurk, discord, and tumblr; I just wanna make some friends!

Amsterdam Falafel closing March 30

2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 16:50
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Had lunch today at Amsterdam Falafel and noticed a sign on the door saying that they are closing March 30. I asked the manager why, and she said it was just about rising costs to run the business. So maybe we'll get another ramen joint? :-/

Food naming

2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 18:37
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I love the USDA's Food Composition Databases for assisting my calorie-counting but I occasionally forget how to translate food names. For example, tonight we have beef mince cooking and I did not easily look it up based on that term from its British packaging. Of course, in American parlance this is ground beef, i.e. hamburger; remembering that was key. Further, excellently the USDA provide a ground beef calculator whose calculations agree with my own so it does what I expect.

Oz the Great and Meowerful

2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 13:22
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OzThere were six cats in the kitten room today, none of them kittens. The two black cats were still hiding in the corner. Cricket was wandering around, enjoying the company of people. In the main room, Nature is still there. Considering how much he loves people, I'm surprised.

The new cats in cages were Fieldfare, who hisses a lot but otherwise didn't give me any trouble, and Oz (in the picture), who's a bit shy but likes attention.

Associated Press picked up the story of Larry, the cat who had been missing for 5 years, and it's shown up at least as far away as the DC area.

Adoptions are slow, and we've got some nice cats who could use good homes. If you know anyone near the northern Massachusetts seacoast who's looking for a cat, send them our way.

Wednesday Reading

2019-Mar-20, Wednesday 13:16
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Once again, I've mostly been reading fan fiction rather than actual books. I did, however, managed to get my fencing teacher hooked on Naomi Novak's Temeraire series, so I shall count that as a win.

Just Finished

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie which tells the story of the unnamed narrator and his friend Lou as they are re-educated in rural China during the 1970s. It's apparently based off of the author's real life experiences of the same and it's alternately charmingly silly and deeply sad. The narrator and his friends are the sons of doctors and, therefore, class traitors, and have pretty much resigned themselves to a perpetual life of shit, at least until they discover a suitcase full of forbidden Western literature and a hot local girl. They're both a pair of teenage idiots and I found myself alternately charmed and frustrated by them. I kind of wish I'd gotten to see more from the Little Seamstress. Lou basically decides that she's hot, but uncultured and takes it upon himself to fashion her into his ideal woman using Western literature only for it to backfire spectacularly in a My Fair Lady sort of way. I would have loved to see how she felt about it, but since the story is told from her boyfriend's best friend's POV their whole romance feels weirdly distant and detached.

I liked it, but I probably wont be keeping it. I'm trying to get better about not hoarding every book I buy. Only the stuff that really sparks joy, as Marie Kondo would say.

Up Next?

?????? Probably some more unsatisfying Umbrella Academy fanfic before I find another one that really hits the spot. Anyone got any recs?

[syndicated profile] retractionwatchblog_feed

Posted by Adam Marcus

Researchers have lost a 2018 conference abstract on screening for sickle cell disease in Africa over a dispute over authorship and the lack of appropriate disclosures.   The article, “Implementation of a sickle cell disease screening initiative in Uganda with HemoTypeSC(TM),” which was presented at a 2018 conference and then appeared in Blood, described a … Continue reading Sickle cell screening abstract retracted for host of reasons, including an ambivalent co-author
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is the way nobody in this city will ever shut up about them. Especially Stuy. People are obsessed. And then some bright spark will inevitably say that the solution is to "fix the other schools" or "fix the middle and elementary schools" which... yes, it would be very nice if all schools in the city were very good schools, but people would still never ever stop their endless harping on these specific schools.

The state is now considering holding hearings on the subject of the SHSAT. I'm considering going, but as my only input is "The scoring is whack, we don't know if it tests for what it says it tests for, and those schools are overrated, and everybody in this room needs to seriously get a grip" I'm not sure I'd be quite welcome. Literally nobody ever appreciates my truth.


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What do you keep in your workspace to help improve your mood? Does it make you more productive?

Feel free to answer in the comments or paste the code below into your own journal to answer the question.

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2019-Mar-19, Tuesday 21:39
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☆memorable icon☆ meme

+Let's have a icon party, folks! Copy and paste code can be found when you click link, and share with your friends! Let's share the icon love here!

Weekly Roundup Post

2019-Mar-19, Tuesday 23:51
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 It's back!

What is everyone watching/reading/playing/etc. right now? Anything interesting and new this season? Revisiting a favorite or just catching up on your backlog? Looking for recommendations? This is the post!

Checklist: checked

2019-Mar-19, Tuesday 22:36
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Tomorrow we're off. Ahhhh~ My jitters are calming, my anticipation is mounting.

Bags: packed!

Cat sitter: prepped!

Backup cat sitter: on call!

And also: [personal profile] xparrot somehow edited another chapter of Kaleidoscope while in a hotel on her phone and tablet? BEST BETA. ♥ (I feel this is one of those sections where a few thoughtful tweaks made a huge difference overall.)

With a Twist of the Kaleidoscope (80534 words) by naye
Chapters: 19/30
Fandom: 镇魂 | Guardian (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Shěn Wēi/Zhào Yúnlán
Characters: Shěn Wēi, Zhào Yúnlán, Dà Qìng, Yè Zūn, The SID Team
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Angst with a Happy Ending, Mutual Pining, Slow Burn, (...yeah the established relationship comes before the pining and slow burn), Mind Manipulation, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Fix-It, Overthinking Guardian canon, Good thing fic has an unlimited f/x budget, Wordcount: Over 100.000

Chapter Summary:
Shen Wei is no longer in the SID lab.

another eye exam

2019-Mar-19, Tuesday 16:44
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tl;dr: all is well

I had the one-week follow-up appointment after the cataract surgery on my second eye today. All is well; there's a bit of swelling, but no more than would be expected. I have the doctor's okay to resume normal activities--exercise other than swimming, leaning forward, carrying more than eight points, sleeping without the eye shield. The doctor sent me home with samples of the two kinds of eye drops I still need, the Durezol that the insurance won't cover, which is what I had called and asked for, and the Ilevro, which is covered but still not cheap.

I have one more follow-up appointment, in mid-April, at which time Dr. Lazzara will prescribe new eyeglasses. In the meantime, I have to make do with the drugstore reading glasses. I told the doctor I was having trouble reading my computer monitor, because it's at an inconvenient distance, and he suggested I try a weaker prescription, maybe +0.75 or +1.0 (I'm using +2.0 for reading on paper or with the kindle). I have now measured the distance from where I normally sit to the monitor, and am going to try drugstore glasses while holding something to read about a foot and a half away.

I am enjoying being able to see, though not read, without glasses; it's weird having to remember to take my glasses off to see properly when not reading. I figure I'm going to want prescription glasses that can deal with the astigmatism; I may buy small ones that I can look over, rather than something complicated in the way of bifocals. That's a decision for next month at the earliest, but thinking about it now seems reasonable.
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Posted by Ivan Oransky

A group of researchers at Harbin Medical University in China has had a third paper retracted, making for a tale of three notices. The first retraction appeared in April 2017 as one of more than 100 from Tumor Biology for fake peer review. The second, for “Functions as a Tumor Suppressor in Osteosarcoma by Targeting … Continue reading Group in China up to three retractions, ostensibly for three different reasons
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I actually have found my own inaccuracy that caused me to roll my eyes, and this in a book with dragons! All the way in the appendix, so it shouldn't be a spoiler - the appendix discusses the domestication and breeding of elephants to become bigger. First, there is a reason we don't breed elephants despite the fact that they're extremely useful, and secondly I can't think of any megafauna we've bred to become bigger. They all become smaller. If this was a plausible thing, I think somebody in the real world would've tried it by now.

But then, in this series they also breed dragons, which you'd think would have the same problems but eversomuch moreso, so I'll just forget it. This book is much better than the last, you all were right on that front.


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