2018-Nov-23, Friday 16:42
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Lost Indian history

Starhawk on calling-in culture

The Bible as Star Wars movies

Last night I heard Tom Lehrer was silenced by a libel suit; he denied it.

Discuss zoning for Thanksgiving! :p

How Pepperdine resists wildfires

Fansplaining on purity culture

Car crash statistics

Car speed and death risk

Chaucer writing on language change

Progress in treating peanut allergies


2018-Mar-27, Tuesday 00:03
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Fantasy flow charts, one female-biased:

Statistical tests for cause and effect.
I'm told _Causality_ by Judea Pearl is also relevant.

Ancient walled cities, to crude scale.
And Kowloon.

From last year: how zoning laws cripple the US economy.

Urbanists react to the Wakanda of Black Panther:

RPGs: fantasy localism or microclimates:

Aladdin's mother was Chinese in old pantomimes

Guns and "self-defense": police are trained to run from attackers with knives within 21-30 feet.

2015 article on early fountains.

Rise and fall of the American SRO


2017-Jul-23, Sunday 10:43
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why planes need bathroom ashtrays. if someone lights up anyway, they still need to stub it out.

Hadith revision

military equipment makes cops more violent

Captain Kirk avoiding fights

Japan's housing creativity. Houses depreciate rapidly even though they're better made than before, and have little resale value; the flip side is freedom to build your house as you please, without worrying about property values.

A full employment plan:

Oslo working on banning cars in the center:

Andrew Jackson, Trump, and the Borderers.

If the media covered alcohol like other drugs:


2017-Jul-09, Sunday 14:10
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Is Tesla overvalued? Argues Tesla either can't cause disruption, or can't monopolize it.

did Seattle's minimum wage lower employment? two studies, two reports
and two summaries, differing about which sucked

Internet addiction and ethical web design

Asian anthem authoritarianism

Air pollution still kills thousands.

Intravenous vitamin C as cure for sepsis?

origin of Ashkenazi?

slow progress in parking reform:

Sea Trek

plate tectonics and evolution

right to carry increases violent crime, maybe? It uses a fairly new statistical technique to make synthetic controls. The result sounds robust. But the abstract says "elevates violent crime rates, but seems to have no impact on property crime and murder rates". Isn't murder a violent crime?

expert view on reducing gun deaths

oil eating bacteria
Neanderthal dentistry
host specific enemies and tropical biodiversity

Vancouver sea wolves
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"Jumping spiders can see the moon." Awesome eyes, apparently.

Cabbage white sex life

Papa John's peppers

What happened to the Greenland Vikings (2015). Leans toward the settlements existing for the walrus ivory hunt, and being abandoned after the rise of elephant ivory, the Black Death, and oh yeah, a century of cooling climate.

Hearing voices and how culture can affect dealing with non-standard neurology. (Psychic, weird, or schizophrenic?)

10 year old article on "positive psychology"

11 year old article on behavioral economics

Decline of front bench seats in cars

1660s air pollution

Jared Diamond on hunter-gatherer childrearing.

Suffragette martial arts

Nice table of Gospel events

Mussels that live on asphalt volcanoes

How New Zealand got PR elections
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Powerful new intervention study causally linking lead and crime

Story told by cat DNA

murky story told by dog DNA

Social power causes brain damage

America's rising class society

Tattooine's future moisture farms

India cuts back on new coal, solar is eating its lunch:

Comparative advertising in the Middle East:

The Dutch approach to global warming

Growing YIMBY movements in SF and Toronto

Southern Baptists embrace a gender-neutral bible
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Macron's out of nowhere party seems set to win legislative landslide in France.

Meanwhile, in US elections, hacking can't change votes (yet) but could screw with turnout:

Puerto Rico had another referendum, with a whopping 97% voting to become a US state -- but with 20-something% turnout.

Someone's roadd trip through Trump America

School buses 8x safer for kids than being driven by their parents.
This is roughly consistent with but has more extreme risk ratios. Both agree that motorcycling is deadly. But speaking for that: risk gaps:

"End traffic stops!"

Interactive vote simulation. "I've said it before, and I'll say it again: IRV sucks." Cool fireflies simulation from the same source:

UberPool kind of reinventing fixed route buses:

Conservatives despise fact-checkers.


2016-Oct-01, Saturday 22:46
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Perspective of an ex-neo-Confederate.

Weekly church attendance by state.

Barcelona's plans for superblocks.  And Barcelona transit: crazy trains but hyperrational bus grid, with lines labeled as H2 or V5 ,for Horizontal or Vertical.

Paris turns the bus stop into major transit infrastructure.

Save a biker, use the Dutch reach in opening car doors.

Not sure if this is correct or just plausible, but words on why Europe, or cold climates in general, doesn't have many venomous animals.

The mythology of "Irish slavery".

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Discussion of urban taxes, which introduces me to the idea of frontage taxes. My new love, along with land tax.

GE drops annual employee ratings

Massachusetts bans employers asking for salary history

Evolution of urban animals is rapid

evolution of Europeans and white skin

Some friends got really excited by this: library furniture maker

convention bumps may be due to changing willingness to talk to pollsters, rather than actual changing opinion. Though I wonder if this year is an exception.

Advocacy of backing into perpendicular parking spaces

Feynman wrong about Faraday cages?

(PDF) 21 page article on Greek voting, acclamation vs. counting:


2016-Jul-30, Saturday 14:08
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Time for another dump.

Israel's massive desalination project.

Messing with prices works: 5 cent charge cuts UK plastic bag use by 85%.

Smoking gun found in North Carolina: voter ID laws are explicitly racist in their intent, aimed at disenfranchising black voters.

Long piece on Hillary's climate policy.  The DNC pro-gay rights platform.

Houston Chronicle endorses Hillary, way early. They went for Romney last time.

Story on how Hillary helped a constituent with cancer.

Trump claims a tax exemption for people with income <$500,000.  Bit odd for an alleged billionaire.

Apollo dying off of heart disease.

GOP thinker thinks modern GOP is doomed, by its original sin of Goldwater and racism.

Trump blames GOP for RNC ratings.  What a leader.  Such responsibility.  Wow.

Trump talks about a or secret base in Saudi Arabia.  Neither one reflects well on him.

Hillary's DNC speech, annotated.  Trump's speech, annotated.

Another article arguing dieting doesn't work.

Hillary's paid speeches in context.

"Why should I *like* Hillary, rather than fearing Trump?"  A list.  A similar list -- haven't checked to see if they're kept in sync.  Not included: what she did for trans people.

America's gridlock. "What if D's won every place w/ electorate less than 75% white, lost everywhere else? D's would win 292 EV's but just 36 Sen/191 House seats."

Green Party platform calls for something that was done in 2009.  Such updating.

"what if Hillary accepted the nomination with 5 children by three different men, like Trump?"


2016-May-01, Sunday 16:53
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Allergies suck. Job hunting sucks. Let me dig up saved links that aren't live politics or RPGs.

Maps of store zones in cities

Origins of modern racism

WWII production numbers

Clinton role in Irish peace process

on worker co-op productivity

why exit polls mislead

Klingon and copyright

feminist season of GoT?

Krugman on the importance of models
and tax progressivity not being the end-all:
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I'm tired and lazy. Here's some things I found interesting.

Nacreous clouds seen in UK.

Couple pieces on "Bernie bros" and sexist attacks on Hillary.
And is Bernie ready for Republican attacks? For being asked unfair questions like why he wants to destroy the economy and turn us into Venezuela, or why he thought socialism was cool during the Cold War?
Speaking of Venezuela, the rationing is so bad even lines are being rationed. And the economy czar doesn't believe in inflation.
But to be positive: Bernie's Fed agenda

Harry Reid saved the renewable energy revolution.

How Houston improved bus ridership "for free": sparser network of higher frequency buses, in a grid rather than radial pattern.

How Likud won the 2015 election in Israel.

From last April, one article on how taxi medallions prices have dropped due to Lyft and Uber.

A trippy 9 minute history of Japan. The Reddit comments linked to by Vox are good glosses.

Purported evolution of fairy tales.

Memoization in Python

Thread on previews of a new edition of the Blue Rose RPG

Obama's reform of federal solitary confinement
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Some articles on democracy (pluralist and feminist) among Syrian Kurds: NYTimes, FT, scribd copy of FT.

If we kept DST all year, or got rid of it.

A Madoka fanfic I'm reading. It's like Starship Troopers or Old Man's War crossed with Madoka crossed with transhumanism and Culture ship Minds. Kyubey said we'd go to the stars, and we did. Many fans think magical girls are potentially immortal, and here they are. I've been enjoying it a lot. Could have used some more editing passes, but generally fun to read, often funny, I'm engaged with the show characters and the original one. Downside: it's longer than Lord of the Rings and still ongoing, last update Oct 6.  I've read 34 chapters out of 44 and am thinking I should pace myself, maybe go read Ancillary Mercy while I still sort of remember what happened in Ancillary Sword.

Funny panel from the Fate/zero manga.

Japan is actually doing quite well per capita: low unemployment, very high employment to working-age-population ratio, inflation is back.  Abenomics, and Keynesianism, works.  GDP is shriking... because the population is, especially the working-age population.

James notes that Heinlein's first story is closer to Dickens' last novel than it is to us.  This will be more interesting when his *last* book is closer to Dickens than to us, but still.

Polio is judged to be even closer to eradication.

Portugal's Left Bloc, a party run by women.

Secret gardens and numinous fantasy

SF written in 1666 by Margaret Cavendish


2015-Sep-13, Sunday 17:31
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Dzungarian Gate, possibly Herodotus's Gate of Winds, with China as Hyperborea.

For my Ars Magica game, I tried looking up medieval church services, which turned up this interesting thread:

The Emishi, apparently a people of northern Honshu, transitional between the Jomon period and the Ainu; the Japanese learned horse archery tactics from them.

Ryukyuan religion: similar to Japan and Shinto in some ways, but with a much stronger role for women, with women priests and even priest-queens.

Benedict Arnold apparently said he betrayed the US because we were too friendly with Catholic France.


Turkey apparently had banned some letters of the alphabet, for their association with Kurdish names.
Turkey, ISIS, and the Kurds


Jeremy Corbyn, UK Labour's new leader


Bernie Sanders vs. Black Lives Matter, leftism vs. liberalism on race and class
The black organizers of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and
Freedom (it is telling that “Jobs and Freedom” are no longer part of
collective reflections of the march)

Sanders socialism


2015-Aug-30, Sunday 14:29
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Why the Red Line didn't go to Arlington, by a native

Why US tuition costs have risen so much. The toy model for public colleges is particularly interesting. 25% rise in costs and fall in state funding can lead to 200% rise in what students pay.

oldest stone tools, 3.x million years

Vox piece on nerd stupidity and politics. A friend noted that it's not clear nerds are any dumber than average. Maybe true, though we think we're supposed to be smarter than average...

solar boom in Texas

bike share safety outside of NYC

Kudzu: not that big a deal

why airline wifi costs so much h

wage subsidies vs. EITC


2015-Aug-15, Saturday 18:47
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Oil state prudence and sovereign wealth funds: Norway vs. Alberta, also a look at how Norway's fund invests. I liked the Albertan complaining that Norway is a relatively small country: yes, but it has more people than Alberta...

Debunking the fear about EMPs

Portugal, optimal currency area, and labor mobility: fiscal union trumps labor mobility in importance.
Who cares about reserve currency status?

First we export pollution to China via outsourcing, now they export it back to us via air movements:

Trees and bus stop waiting time perception

How the US 'justice' system abuses bail:

Vampire squid: not a squid. (Or vampire, durr.)

Real paleo diet might have evolved around carbs. Oops!

Privacy Badger, an EFF alternative to the supposedly more commercial Ghostery browser plug-in.

random stuff

2015-Mar-14, Saturday 23:48
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A riddle! Not mine:

We are little airy creatures,
All of different voice and features;
One of us in glass is set,
One of us you'll find in jet,
T'other you may see in tin,
And the fourth a box within;
If the fifth you should pursue,
It can never fly from you.


I've sometimes seen "lady/princess in the streets, hooker/slut/??? in the sheets". Today I saw "Senpai in the streets, Hentai in the sheets."



Swiss fines wealth based fines
Finland fines day fines
Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland also have
some sliding-scale fines

bike lanes don't hurt businesses bike lanes and businesses

Thomas Piketty on Greece, eurozone monster

getting RPGs on the same page tool


2015-Jan-12, Monday 13:52
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Economics profession swings left

Cracked on prostitution myths. Anecdotal, but consistent with studies I've read and possibly linked to in the past.

Pew on the religions of Asian-Americans. Christian 42%, 26% none, 14% Buddhist, 10% Hindu.
As a group, they range from the least religious unaffiliated to the most evangelical Protestants. Majority of Korean-Americans are Protestant; I think back in South Korea only 25% are Christian, with 50% having no religion.

Idea on why Charlie Hebdo was attacked:
"France is a country of 66 million, of which about 5 million is of Muslim heritage. But in polling, only a third, less than 2 million, say that they are interested in religion. French Muslims may be the most secular Muslim-heritage population in the world (ex-Soviet ethnic Muslims often also have low rates of belief and observance). Many Muslim immigrants in the post-war period to France came as laborers and were not literate people, and their grandchildren are rather distant from Middle Eastern fundamentalism, pursuing urban cosmopolitan culture such as rap and rai. In Paris, where Muslims tend to be better educated and more religious, the vast majority reject violence and say they are loyal to France.

Al-Qaeda wants to mentally colonize French Muslims, but faces a wall of disinterest. But if it can get non-Muslim French to be beastly to ethnic Muslims on the grounds that they are Muslims, it can start creating a common political identity around grievance against discrimination."

Westeros-world map updated for Worlds of Ice and Fire
GRRM deconstructing war, dark Daenerys (spoiles for whole series )
Dornish vengeance (ditto)

no to Boston Olympics

experience of black atheists

Attack on Titan/Frozen AMV

Saudi Arabia and 9/11

America's poor vs. those in other rich countries
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Overwhelmingly male characters, speaking and non-, and the girls don't get to do much.

'Nel notes that it was pointed out to Geisel that there was a line from ‘And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street’ that was sexist (“Say – anyone could think of that, Jack or Fred or Joe or Nat – Say, even Jane could think of that.”) and when asked to change that line, he called the request “beyond contempt”.'

Sample of Republican predictions about Obama's administration. Not exactly accurate.

(FB warning) description by a black Harvard attorney of how he's treated as a black man. Not well.

I hadn't noticed before that the Nandor knew about hobbits.

men with guns feel like victims
and go on effective strike
union leader calls mayor an accomplice to murder
NYPD "will only make arrests when it has to". As opposed to... when it feels like?

why do women menstruate?

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