The Last Heisei Japan Trip Day 4: Kyoto

2019-Apr-18, Thursday 19:52
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Waking up in Kyoto with [personal profile] doctorskuld at my side and [personal profile] xparrot and [personal profile] gnine right there is an amazing thing, and I feel I need to do it more often.

I wouldn't have believed it possible, but the day actually just got better from there, with a visit to Katsura Villa, a return to Mibudera, surprise!storytime, chicken nanban, shopping streets and a night at Nijo Castle.

20190324_093620 20190324_175514 20190324113028 20190324_201513

All of that behind the cut for length )

I got a story!

2019-Apr-18, Thursday 11:21
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One of my Fandom Trumps Hate stories has come in!

Birdsong of the Spheres (1429 words) by The_Exile
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sentient Spaceship/Male Spaceship Pilot
Additional Tags: Spaceships, Romance, Interspecies Romance, sentient spaceships, Music, Fandom Trumps Hate
Summary: Sieglinde and Reinhart investigate a malfunctioning planetary soundsystem. Their technical discussion turns to more poetic talk of birds and opera, then confessions about their feelings for each other.

The worldbuilding on this one is subtle and utterly gorgeous! I asked for sentient spaceships and interspecies romance, and talked about how much I love intimacy and trust and mutual admiration -- and this is all of that, and more!

Go, read, and leave comments for my wonderful author!

Hugo Help Please

2019-Apr-18, Thursday 11:05
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Which twelve of my reviews in 2018 were the best?

Minicon Schedule

2019-Apr-18, Thursday 09:12
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I will be at MiniCON 54 this weekend. I'm not on a huge amount of programming, but I will try to be at the con probably much of Saturday. I notice in the programming that there's a lot of people I'd like to see and hang out with doing things early that day, plus [personal profile] naomikritzer will be one of the guests of honor, so.....

Here's my official schedule.
Friday 8:30 PM
Right of Passages Fae Style
A rite of passage is a ceremony of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It often comes with a significant change of status. Who are the Fae? How do the Fae go about their rituals, and are we in any danger just by discussing it? Right of passages stories in which faeries feature prominently are often female-centric. Why?
Park 2
Tom Hogan, Jane Yolen, Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer

Saturday 4:00 PM
GOH Interview - Naomi Kritzer
The interview of our Guest of Honor Naomi Kritzer
Park 1
Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer

Saturday 8:30 PM
Artificial Intelligence Best Practices - What do AI's want?
'OK Google, tell me why humans should be afraid of Artificial Intelligence.' In 1951, the year of the first rudimentary chess program and neural network, Alan Turing predicted that machines would 'outstrip our feeble powers' and 'take control.' In 1965, Turing's colleague Irving Good posited that devices more intelligent than humans could design devices more intelligent than themselves, ad infinitum: 'Thus the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make, provided that the machine is docile enough to tell us how to keep it under control.'
What can we do to minimize the chances that our robots and computers turn against humanity or enslave us for our own good? Is it possible to create a free-willed intelligence that finds humanity likeable? What will Artificial Intelligence look like and what will it want?
Park 2
Sharon Kahn (m), Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer, Eleanor Arnason, Shaun Jamison

Sunday 1:00 PM
Fanfic Writing Is Writing.
Many People write Fanfic, including some pros. What's fun about writing in an established universe? What does a writer get from the experience that's different than other writing styles? When does an author decide to file off the serial numbers and send it off to the publisher?
Park 2
Katie Clapham (m), Ruth Berman, Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer, Peg Kerr

[syndicated profile] retractionwatchblog_feed

Posted by Adam Marcus

A pair of grief scholars in Denmark have lost a 2018 paper on ghostly apparitions after one of the researchers copied text from another article. The study, “How many bereaved people hallucinate about their loved one? A systematic review and meta-analysis of bereavement hallucinations,” appeared in the Journal of Affective Disorders, an Elsevier publication. Authors … Continue reading ‘Search for inspiration’ lands too close to plagiarism, forcing retraction of grief paper

Work + My Cat

2019-Apr-18, Thursday 02:50
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I'm done with my revisions on the book I have out for approval, but I'll be checking it tomorrow before I send it in. Doing this, and doing my normal workload for the project I'm currently writing has been exhausting, but I'm done and checking it over won't take long, and my part of the Dragons book remains well on schedule, if not a bit ahead.

However, what I'm mostly thinking about is my cat Josie (pictured here). She's not the brightest creature - our kitchen (where all three cats get fed) has 2 doors. The other cats know that if they see one door closed to go to the other one. Josie just sits in front of the closed door - although perhaps this is due to her bossy personality rather than limited intelligence, since I then either pick her up and carry her (a process she enjoys) to the open door, or open the closed door.

However, one of her oddest behaviors is something I've never seen another cat do. When we feed them, they all typically run in, and both Flash and Button start eating. More than half the time, including tonight, Josie stops and stares at the eating cats, then she stares at her food, approaches it, again looks at the other cats eating, and then starts eating. Tonight, she was sleeping and came in late, and the other cats were done eating, and she still stared at the other food bowls and at where the other cats would be.

We regularly joke that Josie is either an alien who needs to be reminded how to pass as a cat, or that she is somehow baffled by the sight of food, despite her being the biggest eater (and largest cat) of our three. We also regularly narrate this process "What are they doing? What's that in the bowls? Are they eating? Oh, hey cat food."
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A while back Facebook was demanding that some new users give the passwords to their email accounts as a condition of verifying their registration. When they did, the message "Importing contacts" appeared. Now we learn that in fact Facebook uploaded the email contacts for 1.5 million people using this scheme.

Now they're claiming it was a coding glitch. How utterly stupid does Zuckerberg think people are?

Bordered table?

2019-Apr-18, Thursday 07:09
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ETA: With amazing speed and helpfulness, [personal profile] qikiqtarjuaq  posted posted a fix in the comments that works for me! Thank you so much!

I've been tearing my hair out trying to get a bordered table. I can change the HTML all I want - I see it in the Rich Text editor, and then it disappears in my posts only to show up again in my comment notification emails.

I'm pretty sure it's due to Dreamwidth's CSS overriding the HTML, especially as the border attribute is something that's supposed to be in the CSS. The suggestion in the linked FAQ is to include CSS in your post (which I didn't know you could do!), but even copy-pasting from W3 Schools doesn't solve it for me.

I was wondering 1) if anyone has actually managed to make their table borders visible and 2) if my table borders are visible for anyone who uses a different default skin? I use the standard "Tropospherical Red".

Here's a tiny bordered table for you:

Drama namePremier DateNote
Detective LApril 18th!!!!!!!!

Poll #21832 Borders or no borders?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 21

Do you see borders?

View Answers

19 (95.0%)

1 (5.0%)

If yes, what style/skin are you using?


View Answers

6 (28.6%)

7 (33.3%)

10 (47.6%)

13 (61.9%)

15 (71.4%)

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[personal profile] spoonorita posting in [community profile] questionoftheday
Have you ever experienced extreme entitlement in another person? What happened?

Feel free to answer in the comments or paste the code below into your own journal to answer the question.

(no subject)

2019-Apr-17, Wednesday 21:43
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I just wrote what was supposed to be a couple of paragraphs of reaction to [personal profile] siderea's post about Marie Kondo and books, which turned into multiple pages of feelsdump about tidying and really the only parts that need to see the light of day are

Derry Girls is fine, I guess, but if you've watched one of the Sister Michael compilation vids you're probably good stopping there
(A story about a large donations-sorting center that has some kind of magical heatsink/storage battery for all the bad vibes from the spirits of trashed once-beloved objects is something I would like to read, please. Anyone who thinks Westerners don’t understand animism of made objects has never helped sort junk donations on a large scale and seen what people couldn’t bear to throw away. We’re just deeply uncomfortable with it because most of us don’t have a good framework to understand it in. Can we call the story "The Joy Equations"? Can we power an FTL drive with the accumulated spiritual sadness of the debris of the Age of Excess?)
Anyway, what it was meant to be an intro to: I have finally finished all of the small tasks I could pretend were "preparation" and have to face the next piece of my ongoing tidying project: fit ~400 unshelved nonfiction books onto ~6 available feet of linear shelf space.

Okay yes that seems comically impossible on the face of it, but I think I can squeeze a fair amount of more space by accepting that all the rest of the nonfiction will just have to be shelve for maximum space use instead of attractiveness of shelves, and also weed about 10%-15% of the collection as I go.

It's the weeding that's going to be hard. Most of these books have already survived multiple weeds, and I don't buy any new ones unless:

  1. they make me happy.
  2. I could not easily get another copy if I needed one on short notice* (i.e., they aren't the sort of thing that's on every library shelf and in every used bookstore in fifteen copies, they aren't constantly in print, and if they're public domain they either don't have a digital copy available free yet or there's a reason I want a physical copy instead.)
  3. they fit into a certain short list of topics of special interest that I am likely to find useful at some point.

*being able to get them on Amazon doesn't count because Amazon is evil and also I don't let myself bookshop on Amazon because I have enough of a problem already. Being able to get them in non-free-to-share ebook doesn't count because just because they're accessible in ebook now doesn't mean they will be later, and just because I have them saved as files now doesn't mean I'll be able to access the files later: learned that one hard and early.

This list is fairly static over time and fairly well refined at this point, and most of the books I buy these days fit into more than one category on it (at 3+ it's pretty much a lock to buy.) But I realized it also only existed in my head and it might be a useful exercise to write it out.

Um, look. When I said it was a *short* list, I honestly thought that was true? ) least I have a nice starter list of tags to use in the catalog as I re-shelve?

Unique experiences

2019-Apr-18, Thursday 00:34
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Today I can add to the list of unique experiences in my life: Being kept on hold for a conference call to Australia, and getting paid for the attempt.

Just getting paid for being on hold was unique for me, regardless of the destination.

Smart people saying smart things (II)

2019-Apr-17, Wednesday 16:32
swan_tower: (summer)
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This interview is fascinating to me because I know basically nothing about cinematography, except insofar as it’s related to photography. So I love it when somebody gets down into the nitty-gritty details about how decisions regarding lenses and focus contribute to inequality, e.g. the fact that women on average speak about 25% of the time in a film + cinematographic technique that puts only the speaker in a shot in focus = not only are the women on screen silent more often than not, but they’re probably blurry as well. Backlighting, specific camera angles — she compares it all to the practice of airbrushing magazine covers, only there isn’t the same degree of public awareness that this stuff is being used to erase women’s flaws and present a constantly-idealized image. Plus lots of interesting discussion on how the relationship between a director and a director of photography differs between movies and TV, male directors and the YA film genre, etc.

On the deep and poisonous stream of anti-Semitism that runs through far too much of white evangelical Christianity. Key quote:

And it doesn’t really matter which “theory” a conspiracist starts with — Moon-landing hoaxers, anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, young-earthers, chemtrails, fluoridation, Planned Parenthood, Antichrist OWG, blue helmets, black helicopters, whatever — the belief that the Key to Everything is “the startling news that the media isn’t reporting!” always leads, ultimately, to anti-Semitism.

This got me reflecting on my own childhood. My elementary school had a large Jewish contingent; I’m not sure how many, but my mother estimates somewhere between a quarter and a third of my class. It got watered down as we fed into junior high and high school, joining other elementary school catchment areas, but overall, they were almost certainly the largest minority in my area. Large enough that Jewish kids didn’t stand out as unusual to me — at least, not until those two years where they were all going through their Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations and I learned that being Jewish meant you got a special birthday party. (I probably went to more parties in junior high than any other period of my life.)

But at the same time, we were also in the neighborhood of this church. (In opening that page, I note that a section which used to detail a sexual abuse scandal within the church’s leadership has been removed. A scandal which, for all I know, could have involved kids in my class or my brother’s — the timing was right.) I don’t know how much of that anti-Semitic ideology is present there, or was thirty years ago. But it makes me wonder how much, despite the large presence and general acceptance of Jewish families in our neighborhood, there were still incidents that happened out of my sight or flew over my head. I know the guy I went to prom with gave me the first Left Behind novel to read; I didn’t get more than about ten pages into it because the writing was so execrable, but later I learned that boy howdy are those books anti-Semitic. And there were enough Baptist and evangelical Christians around that I have to imagine some of that was an issue in my community.

Short of randomly calling up my Jewish friends from sixth grade and asking them whether they got shit from our fellow students, I’ll never know. But it’s a sobering thing to consider.

Ana, delightful child, gave me a cold

2019-Apr-23, Tuesday 16:28
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I wanted earlier to say that this cold is wiping me out, and I also wanted to say that it's kicking my butt, two phrases which are semantically similar. What came out is "This cold is wiping my butt", which isn't. ("This cold is kicking me out" would have been equally puzzling, but less funny.)


Read more... )

Trousers at last

2019-Apr-17, Wednesday 21:02
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In mentioning seeking a reliable ongoing source of trousers that fit me, in contrast to whatever the season's design and tailoring currently happen to be, one idea I had mentioned was workwear. That tree bore me fruit first by way of the Dickies 874 work pant which come in a range of colors. Having been around for over fifty years they may not be fashionable but if people judge me harshly for that then they probably aren't worth my listening to anyway. At least the trouser legs are wide enough to fit easily over my calves rather than following a modern tapered cut; the pair I now have in hand fit just about right.

I confirmed the sizing by trying the same in another classic American item of workwear: Wrangler jeans in a regular cut which also fit adequately. Trousers are where I most notice a poor fit so it is great to finally have some confidence that I may have regained ongoing ability to easily obtain satisfactory pairs. Now I just have to find a small enough belt as the jeans are just a little loose which is good as I welcome a little room to gain a few pounds. It is convenient to be able to relax my dieting occasionally.


2019-Apr-17, Wednesday 12:44
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I was starting to feel better about my crappy yesterday, and my mother called again, talking about how disappointed I wouldn't be coming until early June (2.5 weeks after when she wanted me to come) and how it's so long and also so close to my next visit in August, maybe I just shouldn't come for either visit. Thanks gods I haven't bought my ticket yet. Part of me is happily grasping at straws that I won't have to go, while I also know that if I don't, I'll be nagged about it for months or years, and I might not get to go to GenCon, and my mom will likely find other consequences.

OTOH, I really don't want to give in and go earlier, since it takes me weeks to brace myself for visiting them, and always has, and also [personal profile] teaotter and I will be going to visit dear friends in Oakland in late May - which I'll need to keep secret from my mom or I'd be nagged about visiting friends when I should be visiting my parents. I'm exceedingly sick of my mother, and am halfway considering canceling that trip and visiting my mom when [personal profile] teaotter visits our friends just so I won't have to deal with the current level of my mom's hostility.

3 things: church, gardening, and teeth

2019-Apr-17, Wednesday 14:29
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1. I have been recruited to run for a 1-year term on my congregation's board of trustees. This is kind of... like, on the one hand, I am an adult and I've been involved in church stuff (religious education, hospitality teams, stewardship committee, recycling sale, setup/cleanup for various events, showing up to meetings whenever possible, etc.) for over 15 years now; this is not really surprising. And on the other hand, I'm just sitting here going "" because what the hell do I know about being in charge of anything???

Impostor Syndrome is insidious and annoying.

Also, I need to write a little one-paragraph bio for the annual meeting voting slate summary. Ugh. That's going to be as awkward as writing resumes and cover letters.


2. In gardening news, I planted my carrot seeds last night, so hopefully they'll be sprouted and ready to transplant in a couple weeks. I need to buy more potting soil, though, since I've decided that they're going in the big plastic tubs I used for my squash two years ago. They're deep enough that this should work out, particularly if I harvest the carrots before they get long and tough/woody.

I'm going to plant the tomato and Brussels sprout seeds this weekend, I think.

I also planted new pepper seeds in the six little peat cylinders whose first round of seeds either failed to sprout or failed to shed their seed coats. (I rescued one such trapped sprout, but didn't get to the other two in time on account of illness and general fatigue. So it goes.)

I probably ought to go do some ground prep and start organizing the raspberries this afternoon, but I am still extremely tired and I may just take a nap instead. *sigh*


3. I had a dentist appointment this morning wherein I got three new fillings. My bank account is not terribly happy with me. And I have another appointment in July for the fourth (and hopefully final!) round of cavity repairs. I probably could have scheduled it for June, but I figured I'd just shove the whole thing off to after my vacation so I didn't have to dredge up dates while standing at the front desk without my calendar.


And now, yeah, I am going to take a nap.

Cat drawer

2019-Apr-17, Wednesday 11:30
madfilkentist: The Catmobile at Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (Catmobile)
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Early this morning, someone opened the drawer with the cleaning cloths and found a cat (Boots by name) in it! It's a rather small drawer and was almost completely closed. Boots must be quite an agile cat.

A newcomer in the kitten room was a gray tabby named Quentin. He was extremely friendly, so much that I almost tripped over him when stepping backwards. He whacked me (without scratching) when I picked up a cloth, maybe because I had stopped petting him.

A polydactyl (no, spell checker, I'm not changing it to "pterodactyl") cat named Gizmo also enjoyed human company very much. He's apparently fussy about his food; a note on the cage said to give him Fancy Feast turkey kitten food with some water added. That's what he got, and he liked it. He was shaved rather extensively in back, so he must have had some medical procedure not long ago. Probably he'll be let out once he gets better, if he isn't adopted first.

Sorry, no pictures this week. They all came out somewhat blurry.

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