2017-Jan-30, Monday

PC parents

2017-Jan-30, Monday 19:03
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If I ever GM an RPG of my own, I think I'll ask the players to give some indication of their parentage or how they were raised. Doesn't have to be detailed, maybe not even named, but something about where they're from and who raised them. Everyone has parents, or some substitute, after all, rather than springing out of the mists. And no amnesia card allowed.

(This is partially stimulated by Nanoha A's, my biggest gripe regarding which is the total lack of explanation of how Hayate is living alone as a 9 year old. If parents died recently they're never mentioned, if they died when she was a baby... who raised her and taught her stuff?)

But then I wonder, would I be being hypocritical? Have I done this for my own PCs? Answer seems to be "I didn't, but now I do." And I'll chronologically list my PC backgrounds. If you find that boring, which is understandable, you've been warned.

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So if you bother reading all that... the answer is yes, I do do it more, though the increase hasn't been monotonic. Kind of depends on my inspiration and the nature of the game: some inspire or require more effort than others. In particular I've gotten pretty pessimistic about the lifespan of a random play-by-post (PbP) game, and am not inclined to put too much effort into them. The Yona characters were earlier... though I also like adapting Yona to various settings. Might help that the original character is "medieval", unlike Hayate or Diane.

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