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I got off at Haymarket, to check out the North End branch of the BPL. Headed the wrong way by accident, turned back, had some older Asian lady thrusting something at me. Plastic badge of well wishes or something. I tried to give it back, she refused, then asked for a donation... yeah, right.

Made it to the library, through cozy North End streets (why can't we build more like that? Stupid car culture). The library is small but architecturally neat, with a big skylight over a stone plaza, and a couple big plants. Probably a neat place to hang out in the winter.

But I have quirky beliefs, like the book shelves should be labeled by subject, and there should be a poster showing patrons what the call numbers mean. There were some subject signs but desultory and incomplete; I had to ask where the (tiny) science section was, then still hunt to find it. No label present once I did.

BPL uses Library of Congress, BTW, vs. the Dewey of the Minuteman libraries.

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