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Gun ownership vs. total homicide rate, by state and country. Some observations:
* high gun ownership is compatible with low homicide rate
* there's an empty quarter of low gun ownership and high homicide rate
* Many low-population states are low in homicides, but Alaska is high.
* This is still total guns, not handgun specific; it also throws in Switzerland, where yeah they have guns but the control regime is very different.
* Compared to the US all the other countries listed are low, but there's still a large multiple between Japan or Switzerland and Finland.
* The 'empty quarter' effect holds for those countries.

By the way, if you dip into current gun control debates, you may see people repeating an AEI talking point that "gun ownership has gone up but crime has gone down". This is "damn lies and statistics", as I'd expect from the AEI; the number of guns owned in the US has gone up a lot, but the number of people owning guns has gone down.

(Gallup disagrees with GSS and Pew in that, but it also disagrees with a claim of rising gun ownership. Their data also looks noisier.)

Pew also says that "protection" is now the top reason given for owning a gun. Given that crime rates have been going down, and that gun owners tend to be suburban or rural white men, not exactly high crime targets, this seems rather absurd.

Date: 2017-Oct-08, Sunday 21:04 (UTC)
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People often misestimate likelihoods, perhaps partly because of likelihood of some kind of thing somewhere making the news, like home invasions. Perhaps it's just an excuse, but I wonder if rural protection could be about feeling isolated in the sense that in rural Iowa or wherever nobody can hear you scream as your neighbor's plot is some acres away.

Date: 2017-Oct-10, Tuesday 06:21 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mtbc
like home invasions — indeed, last night I happened to rewatch Unbreakable which features a home invasion, so I guess there's fiction too as well as news stories.

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