2018-Oct-14, Sunday 19:55
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In Malden. Not too exciting. Yesterday I saw a "Mountain Park" on the map, right behind my house. It's a decent size but doesn't seem to have trails, just one driveway up to the peak. That was surprisingly busy at dusk: some public library reading even, and amateur astronomers setting up. I thought about staying but had Urgent Shopping Plans.

Which were to go to the nearest Trader Joe's, in Assembly Square. That's part sad imitation of a real city, right by the T stop, and part giant parking lot and mall. TJ is beyond the parking lot, and despite all the space it had, somehow felt anemic. Still, I got stuff, especially cheaper nuts and cheeses and frozen shrimp. Which I cooked today, my fanciest thing since going nomadic.

My 'roommates' still haven't figured out how to turn off the shower without the water running, after two weeks. Nor how to get out without dumping water on the floor, or the poor mat on the floor.

I've had five hosts so far and not one has provided a washcloth.

TJ has started selling nuts in re-sealable bags. Yay!

The Orange Line seems less reliable than I recall from last year; there seem to be a lot of unexpected waits at stations.

Date: 2018-Oct-15, Monday 08:54 (UTC)
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Yay indeed for easily snackable nuts. Even better if the allegedly resealable bags truly are. Just last weekend I was chatting with my children about how we miss Trader Joe's.

Washcloths are an interesting divider. My mother-in-law once told me that we had no washcloths in the bathroom and gave me a look as if I was supposed to care. None of us have a use for them but apparently other people find them essential. I suppose I just use my hands instead?

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