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2017-Oct-04, Wednesday 17:53
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1) most crime is intraracial, why don't we talk about white on white crime as such?
1a) a black man is less likely to commit a violent crime than a cop is to kill an unarmed person.
2) it's a distraction
3) blacks talk about it all the time, thanks.
4) crime is linked to poverty, blacks are poorer, duh. In fact, poor urban whites are more violent than poor urban blacks. But more blacks are poor. for the last claim.
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I'm no TV historian, but after a bit of research, I find:

I Love Lucy (1951), white woman/Cuban man. This hardly even registers as interracial to me, but the executives then were worried.

The Jeffersons (1975), white man/black woman.

Dynasty (1983), mixed-race woman, daughter of another character and his black mistress; would have mixed romance of her own.

Robotech (1985), white man/black woman.


If you're thinking "you suddenly realized Robotech was odd in that for 1985, and wondered if it was in fact the first mixed couple on US TV", you're right, that's exactly what I did. Someone on had pointed out that a certain cosmopolitanism is part of the Macross formula, at least for the original series and Macross Plus. (Mixed race couple, diverse cultural origins, apparently diverse clothing styles in Plus.) And the answer seems to be "no, wasn't first, but was pretty early, and possibly first for children's cartoons. Though who can tell, it's not like the lists I found mentioned Robotech."

This is one thing I'm not sure Macross Frontier propagated, though I guess to Japanese sensibilities Alto/Sheryl might also be mixed-race (Japanese boy, white girl.) (There are also human/Zentraedi pairings and offspring, but "alien who looks just like us" isn't as radical as "actual different-race human".) Robotech did: the second series has the black Bowie Grant running off with the pale skinned Musica. (Macross Frontier does have a diverse cast, including an openly gay male; I just don't recall if it had a white/black couple anywhere.) And of course all Robotech series were based on existing anime, so Japan was a few years ahead of us -- granted, without US racial hangups, but with a lot of racism of their own. Though I suppose they might not care whether whites and blacks hook up, that's just non-Japanese people doing their thing. Japanese/non-Japanese couples in anime might be more interesting to track, there.
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Observations of the markets around me:

I go to Alewife Trader Joe's a lot. My impression of the 'crew' there is mostly white, especially college aged females or a bit older. Also a middle-aged white man, middle-aged or older Asian man, a younger man I suspect is a recent African immigrant, an older white woman... others. Usually anyone I ask knows where anything I ask about is in the store. They're friendly and happy-seeming energetic... some of the younger women are almost flirty, in a confusing way. They *look* middle-class, in a way. TJ has a reputation for well-paid staff with low turnover, and of course low prices.

Across the street is Whole Foods, where I hardly ever go, but when I do it's usually to look for something specific, so I interact with the staff. I have no idea of the overall makeup, but there's definitely a lot more Hispanics there, with a limited ability of English among them. Today I also interacted with a couple of African-American men. Knowledge of stuff is far less comprehensive and more department oriented; granted, WF seems much bigger. WF's reputation is of a libertarian if not Objectivist CEO who compares Obamacare to fascism, and the company has been under investigation for violating labor law. Also known for high prices, and I wonder what those Hispanic workers are getting paid.

Shaw's, now part of Star Market, doesn't have the progressive reputation. There's a big one in Porter Square. I don't attend to it that much, but once I was there around midnight, and there was a marked distinction between the white women running the cashiers and the Hispanic males stocking the aisle. Lots of the latter, but not qualified or trusted to operate the cash registers despite a sudden pile-up of customers, the way TJ crew would have been. I think I've blogged about that before.

There's also a Star Market on Beacon street. Mostly white or African-American staff, I think, and feeling/sounding lower class compared to the TJ crew, in a way I can't define.
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My news access is kind of weird these days, so I have no idea whether I should expect people to have heard of the blonde Roma girls taken from their families by police. One 'Maria' in Greece, which turns out to be an unregistered adoption; last I know her parents are still in jail for an abduction that never happened; and one in Ireland, who turned out to be the biological child of her parents and has been returned. It's been a good stimulus to (re)learn about how bad racism against the Romany is in Europe. tells us that they were enslaved in Romania up until 1856. Not serfs, full blown slaves. They were also targeted by the Holocaust; Germany acknowleded this in 1982, which I'm guessing is way after they acknowledged guilt about the Jews. It kind of pre-dates the Nazis, too:

"Roma in the Weimar Republic were forbidden from entering public swimming pools, parks, and other recreational areas, and depicted throughout Germany and Europe as criminals and spies.[13] By 1926, this ‘racial panic’ was transmitted into law. The Law for the Fight Against Gypsies, Vagrants and the Workshy was enforced in Bavaria. It stipulated that groups identified as ‘Gypsies’ avoid all travel to the region."

In a sense, being Romany has been like being black (American) *and* Jewish in all the worst treatment of each. But it gets better!

Czechoslovakia forced sterilizations from the 1970s on
And then people kept on doing it, if unofficially much like a recent scandal about coercive sterilization of poor mothers in the US.

Slovakia's started ghettoizing Romany ghetto as in "Nazi ghettos of Jews"

Neapolitans burned down a Roma camp in 2008
French burn one in 2012.

Romania in 2010 tried to change the name for Romany to something meaning 'untouchable'.,8599,2035862,00.html?iid=tsmodule

EU accession could make things worse for a while: EU members are considered too democratic to generate refugees, but the new members wouldn't enjoy freedom of movement for 5-10 years. So the Romany would be unable to escape as refugees or as EU citizens[1] even as xenophobia ramps up.
[1] Not to mention the hazy citizenship of some of them, with the moving around.

And it's so much fun to be a Romany child waiting for adoption.

"British social workers who have travelled to Central Europe told us school teachers they met there viewed Roma children as "mentally diseased"."

Hungary, which has already zoomed into fascism in many respects, naturally has paramilitaries attacking the Roma as well.

As for Maria, the early articles talked a lot about her "being made to beg", based on some video of her dancing hesitantly. "The inference has prompted fury across the Roma community - the footage was taken after a baptism and a religious celebration."

Finally, I question the "only several thousand live in camps" here (especially since the France article says 15,000 were living in camps in France), but there's mention of nasty racism a woman spoke in San Francisco:
"More accurately, that a Gypsy cannot integrate into society, because Gypsies are a subhuman category incapable of more evolved reasoning. ... as she told us that Gypsies have been genetically engineered by nature to have children at 9 years old and that most of the girls died at about 14."


Terminology: going by Wikipedia, Romani is the broader term, for the whole language group; Roma are the biggest subgroup. I've used Roma when articles do, but I figure all the Romani are in for it.

I know jack about how child interventions work, but I suspect that these cases of merely vaguely suspected shenanigans, without any signs of abuse or flight risk, did not actually require taking the child out of the home while DNA testing and other investigation happened.
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After reading _Lies_ it occurred to me that I know more about the history of Europe, Japan, or even India than I do of Mexico (Aztecs and Maya, Conquest, there was an independence war, we stole their land, some revolution thingy, done) and I checked out some books to rectify that. One is Mexico: What Everyone Should Know. Still reading it, so this is superficial, but some things stood out already.

Spain had a strong monarchy (I think? Though also a Cortes-General; stronger before 1500 perhaps), and replicated that for the colonies, with viceroys over New Spain (Mexico+) and Peru. A viceroy was the political (with legislative powers) and military leader, and vice-patron of the Church, whatever that means exactly. So, 300 years of authoritarian power. Plus, close alliance with the Catholic Church, and censorship by the Church of ideas like other religions or challenges to the monarchical system. The Church also owned half (!) the land in Mexico, the rest mostly being owned by pureblood Europeans, whether peninsulares (European born) or criollo (aka creole, American-born purebloods.) Which also brings us to the finely gradated racial caste system of the Spanish Americas, from peninsulares to criollos to mestizos to indios, and that's leaving out lots of gradations, as well as Africans.

By contrast, while I'm not up on the details of North American colonial government, strong legislatures seem ubiquitous. The Constitution was approved by state conventions, i.e. a rare taste of quasi-direct democracy, citizens elected for an express purpose rather than by general legislators. Religious pluralism was baked in, what with Puritans, Quakers, Anglicans, Catholics, and Baptists, and nominal freedom of speech came for the ride. Finally, and more darkly, English colonies have less in the way of persistent racial problems (at least with natives) because they mostly eliminated indigenous races and refused to mate with them. It's not that the US (and Canada, and Australia) don't have racial inequality, it's that whites are (or are considered to be) effectively criollo, not mestizo, so most of us are at the top rather than in the middle, and our indios are a much smaller proportion of the population. US reservations are largely shockingly unhealthy and poor, but it's easier to ignore them.

So, in part a combination of more democratic and pluralist heritage, vs. Catholic authoritarianism, and of reducing racial inequality by keeping racial diversity down in the first place. (And, statistically, Mexico isn't that much more unequal than the US these days.)
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A friend notes that of the 24 seasons of Star Trek, and something like 12 movies, there's basically no Chinese or Indian main characters. Maybe Khan, if you count a villain. Harry Kim is said to be Chinese, despite the stereotypically Korean last name. That's it.

Of course, Firefly showed no Chinese people, despite the vaunted 'influence', and Babylon-5 is pretty lily-white. Franklin gets a bit more character time than Uhura, I think, but is definitely a second-tier black character. We get the occasional Japanese or black visiting character. But mostly white. Including the aliens not buried in makeup, the Centauri or Minbari -- they're all pale too. Imagine a black Minbari. Imagine all black Minbari. But nope. Star Trek's actually ahead on this front, with a black Vulcan (along with the woman captain and Native American first officer and allegedly Chinese navigator... Voyager's pretty good here, actually. And Kes is played by Jennifer Lien.)

Stargate SG-1 did have a 'black' main character in the main 4, though once again Teal'c got fewer lines than others. Still, he's not just background or token.

Edit: for DS9's Julian Bashir, ' Ronald D. Moore commented "In my mind, Julian was of Sudanese (like Sid), Indian, or Pakistani extraction, but that the family's roots were probably in England, hence the accents."'

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