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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: Does your family have any unique holiday traditions? What's the story behind them?

My answer:

The properly non-standard one was my birthdays when I was a small kid. My parents had created our own maypole, painted and with tassels, and I and other kids would run around under it in a circle. Or something like that; I haven't thought about that in years.

A stronger memory is the food. Instead of cake and ice cream, we would make wontons -- bought the wrappers, but made the stuffing and stuffed and fried them -- and chocolate mousse (two flavors, rum and orange). Compared to most birthday cakes, I feel I got the better deal. Sadly, I never got the recipes for these. I can say that the wontons were much more stuffed any any store ones, bursting with chicken and green onions and what not, vs. the more common "fried dough with some microparticles of meat".

Christmas was Christmas, insofar as atheists have a tree and gifts, though we also did some Hanukah stuff out of some cultural reflex of my mothers. Dreidel, yarmulke, kid me lighting candles and reciting Hebrew I didn't understand or believe in. Eventually that just stopped. Later my father refused to drag a Christmas tree home by foot or bus anymore; my mother was sad but I supported him. We still had gifts and possibly even fruitcake... I don't remember what Christmas meal was, I'd guess roast beef and vegetables most often.

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