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After a couple of visits, I wasn't expecting surprises from Glendale, but that was foolish of me. On Monday I went on one of my walks, soaking up sunlight and enjoying a close hill to walk up, heading toward streets I knew climbed up while still have sidewalks. After a while having done so without water bottle seemed foolish, but I found myself close enough to push on to the Brand Library -- "currently open" on Google Maps -- where at least there'd be water, and supposedly some park.

So suddenly I find this:

Inside I find a library with the expected bathrooms and water fountains, but also extensive art galleries featuring the work of various artist collectives. When I was done with that, and paid more attention to the collection, I found nothing but art and music books. Turns out it had been the mansion/ranch of Brand, who held parties you had to fly in to attend. The property was donated to Glendale on the condition of retaining an art focus, and so we find a public library branch that's devoted to the arts.

There was also a teeny tiny Japanese garden (free!) on the property, along with some doctor's Victorian house that had been transplanted there, and roads up into "wilderness area".

As a bonus, when I finally left, I took a different route, that happened to take me to the "Kenneth Village" I'd seen hinted at on directional signs. Nothing *too* special, just a little cluster of shops and restaurants, but as northern Glendale is pretty thoroughly residential, it was a nice surprise too.
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