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I mentioned the Guild of Boston Artists. I found it Saturday by walking around Back Bay and going inside. One featured artist was there, and while I did ask a question about her art (it had a light quality reminiscent of pastels), I also asked the mundane question of how long it took to do a painting. Variable, but she went with an average of 25 hours, for the modest sizes displayed. That's for physical execution, like to copy an existing painting; design is a lot more.

Prices were also variable but I'll guess an average of $2500. So $100/hour, or $50/hour assuming double time for design (which would mean coming up with an artwork in under a week). Given the vagaries of freelance life, hardly unreasonable compensation on her end. I am unlikely to ever spend that much on a single work, though, and give thanks for prints.

Some other paintings in the galley were more; I think one was a bit short of $100,000. I forget if it was particularly large or detailed.

The website of another artist says she does oil portraits starting from $8,000, taking 5-8 sittings of 3 hours. At 24 hours, that's $333/hour. My first thoughts were unkind about her. My second thoughts were that if someone is willing and able to pay $8,000 on what amounts to a glorified photograph, it is practically her social or class duty to relieve them of their money.

As a side note, another gallery was right next door, just one artist working in acrylics and providing prints and printed clothing(!), but apparently "print to canvas" is also a thing, IIRC replicating the physical texture of the paint. Though maybe the texture comes from hand work.
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Based on my limited experience in Modern Art museums and galleries, you would think no one was doing traditional oil paintings any more.



2016-May-12, Thursday 20:40
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Lightly microwaved cherry tomatoes explode in warm sweetness when you eat them with pasta.

El Goonish Shive is a good webcomic.

A Miracle of Science is still a good webcomic, and unlike EGS it's long over.

A Borrowed Voice is a surprisingly good crack-premise Tolkien fanfic.

A bunch of new Madoka AMVs, which I've added to my list. I'll link to just one. Warning: spoilers for series and Rebellion.

Years ago, I proved the sin(A+B) identity from first principles while lying in bed. I think it took 40 minutes. The impressive part is that I'm usually more of a symbolic/numerical thinker than a visual one, I still slide my fingers to manipulate supply and demand curves, so doing finicky geometry in my head, no paper, was pretty impressive. Last night I thought about it again (and again in bed), and solved it much faster; I think I found a simpler solution, though I can't be sure. Alas, the margins of this blog post... or rather, I've never invested effort in learning how to make pictures on line.

The Renaissance art hallway at the MFA was more interesting than I expected, especially in the half that's largely maiolica.
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Today's productivity: I got #40 of the Buffy season 8 comic. Season over. But there'll be a season 9, back to Buffy dusting vamps in alleys basics! Also, Dawn is evil. In a good way.

Looked at Hellblazer #275. I need to go ask people wtf has been going on.

Also, slept late, much like yesterday, where I didn't even leave the house into really icky weather. After Arisia my body seems to need REM sleep badly enough to actually go back to sleep and get it.

The dog barks. At first to be let out for a quick bathroom break -- very quick yesterday. Later for mysterious reasons of his own. I hate animate beings you can't talk with.

Tonight's productivity: I followed up on Arisia leads and went to SCA Renaissance dance practice. Actually, first to a pre-dance dinner at Mary Chung, which seems to be a rather good Chinese restaurant. Free tea! And good potstickers! Also mildly spicy potstickers, which is a new one to me. Not spicy sauce, but spice inside. They call them Peking ravioli, BTW. Someone wanted to order them, someone else wondered what they were, I guessed they were potstickers based on none of the other appetizers qualifying, and I was right. I didn't predict the spice or being good, though. Other entrees I sampled were also good, though my own Chinese dry sausage special was eh.

Dance itself was fun, though we still have the thing of taking 2-3 times to be taught the dance as to perform it, in contrast to contra which repeats a lot more. I got complimented on how well I was going, which turned into "oh! that explains it" when I mentioned being a contra dancer. Fun people, too. I got the URL of an open gaming thingy this weekend, though it's wargaming. Dance was at MIT, so I've passed the MIT Museum and been on campus. No cell signal in the building. Still haven't seen Kendall station; we walked back most of the way to Central for ice cream or hot chocolate... glad I had someone to gripe about transit with for much of the way, that was kind of a long walk in retrospect.

I'm told MIT has an anime club but one that has kicked out all non-students.

From a family friend with classics background, whom I'd told about my Bronze Age collapse, Gandharan art enthusiam, reconstructions of statue paintings (which you might recall me linking about) and general Greco-Buddhist stuff:

I was going to photocopy that article I mentioned (from Art History,
June 2009 )"The Importance of Colour on Ancient Marble Sculpture" by
Mark Bradley," but it's 25 pages long. It beautifully depicts how
subtle and accomplished this coloring was, not at all the shocking
primary colors, etc.we have been taught
, through modern "re-creations"
on plaster, to picture it. Complicated layering of applied tints by
highly skilled artists that result in breathtakingly translucent facial
complexions, for instance. Bold colors were for sculptures placed high
up or in or otherwise ar a distance that softens them.

Off to an academic art library sometime.

I was shocked to realize I called her on Dec 24, 5 days before I left for Boston, and almost 4 weeks ago. 4 weeks doesn't seem like much compared to the sense of mental distance I've picked up already. Boston busy-ness I guess.

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